A pair of posters promoting pet adoption while also referring to visual techniques used throughout different periods of graphic design history.
The directness of this poster is inspired by the works of the Beggarstaffs and other Plakatstil designers. These advertisements—especially Lucien Bernhard's poster for Priester Matches—really made me want to make an advertisement of my own that lets the product or pet being promoted take the forefront and speak for itself.
In addition to the direct marketing language of Plakatstil, I also looked at the flat illustrations created by Ukiyo-e print artists and the explosion of such pieces among European designers during the Art Nouveau period. I, like the designers of these movements, used flat planes of color to make simple, yet effective illustrations.
Lastly, the works of De Stijl—most apparently Piet Mondrian's signature style—are contributors to my final design. The ability to create a dynamic layout while also abiding by strict guidelines of perpendicular borders and primary colors impressed me and I wished to take on that challenge myself. 
The entirety of the project from brainstorming, sketching, and execution was done digitally in Adobe Illustrator.
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